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The Child's Needs

We at Columbus Preschool believe there are basic needs of preschool-aged children, and we try to meet them through our program.


  1. Children need to grow in independence, to learn to make choices and decisions on their own.

  2. Children need to give and share, as well as receive affections. They need to feel secure and loved.

  3. Children need to learn how to get along with others. They need group experiences.

  4. Children need to develop self-control. They need to know what is expected of them and how to handle limitations.

  5. Children need to develop large and small motor (muscle) skills through the use of toys, art activities, creative movement, etc.

  6. Children need to begin to understand and control their physical world. They need to try new ideas and engage in new experiences.

  7. Children need to develop language skills through verbal communication, stories, songs, and finger plays.

  8. Children need to develop a positive self-concept and good attitudes.

Our Education Principles

The curriculum at Columbus Preschool provides the following opportunities.


  1. Children are encouraged to engage in both solitary play and cooperative play.

  2. Children develop social relationships through play.

  3. Children are offered varied, appropriate creative materials that permit them to work at their own level and in their own way, without the imposition of adult standards, ideas, or pressures.

  4. We enhance the child’s curiosity in the world around him and try to expand her/his horizons.

  5. The Columbus Preschool is consistent in its day-to-day routine and offers versatility in its themes of interest.

  6. We allow opportunity for children to share, explore, discover, plan, listen, and consider others.

  7. We allow opportunity for imaginative, active, and quiet activities.

  8. We allow the children to learn by DOING!

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